This is one of the biggest questions I get.

You’ve probably heard you can make money online.

You’ve probably heard of several ways to make money online,
whether you’ve investigated them or not.

You’ve probably either written off making money online,
or you’ve tried a couple things that didn’t pan out,
and then you wrote it off.

You probably don’t know which way to go,
and you’re stuck.

Now, I’m not going to offer an end all solution,

but I am here to say that yes, you can really make money online,

but unfortunately, no,
it’s not for everyone,
it’s not as easy as these marketing ploys carve it out to be,
and it definitely requires certain skills
before you can actually go out
and make something substantial happen…

It was about nine months ago
that I started learning about how to make money online,
and only recently did I start making a full time living off of it.

Is it millions? No.
Is it hundreds of thousands? No.
Is it tens of thousands? Yes!

But what took so long?

Did it happen for me as fast as
just about every internet marketing product I bought
told me it would?

For the most part, absolutely not!
Was some of it my fault?
Yes, it was.

Did I eventually figure out what works and what doesn’t? Yes.
And it does pay my bills quite nicely now.

My business is just taking off,
and I finally have the credibility
to say, yes I’ve been there,
I’ve done that, I know what works,
I know what doesn’t.

I understand that internet marketing is not simple,
but for the right person,
it’s doable, and if you really treat it seriously,
you can make a living off of it.

Will it happen overnight?
No way, never does it happen overnight.

Listen, I can only speak from experience,
and what I can say is that my income IS
growing every single month,

I’m saving up A LOT of money,
and I’m on my way to having a 6 figure year.

I don’t say that to brag
(you probably don’t even care because you haven’t met me yet),
but I say that because I want you to know it’s possible,
you really can make money online,
and you can make a good income at that.

Again, it’s not for everyone,
it’s not overnight, it’s not super easy,
and it’s not so easy a child can do it!
So stay away from anything that tells you so.

Now make sure you sign up for my newsletter,
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and you’ll receive the latest
on what I’m doing to make money online.

– Wanda White


Interview with Michael Cheney from

Q. So what made
you get started with AdSense?

A. I was looking for a way to monetize some of my websites.

Q. How much do
you make with AdSense

A. Some days I can earn close to a $1000 and others it’s less than that.  But it all comes down to how much time and effort you devote to creating a quality site that people like visiting.  AdSense is not what my business is based on by any means – but it is a great way to earn revenue practically on autopilot.

Q. What is the biggest mistake people make with AdSense?

A. Probably the biggest mistake people make is thinking that AdSense earnings
are easy to achieve.  It is very easy to get started but as I’ve learned,
it takes a lot of effort to increase your earnings.  I got really
downhearted whenever I would log in to my account to see that
I had only made a few dollars.  And that’s when I decided to spend
months and months of my time learning everything I could about
I basically buried myself away and devoured every single piece of AdSense  information I could find. I ran thousands of AdSense tests and started to see
a dramatic effect on my click through ratio and therefore on my earnings.
This is why I’d decided to record the videos – because I knew that it would help people
who were in my position to also increase their earnings.  I’ve
read an absolute ton of AdSense e-book’s but they take so long
to go through and always seem to keep information back.
With AdSense Videos I knew that I had to tell the story exactly as it is and actually
show people and lead them by the hand through the exact techniques
that I use to generate large earnings from AdSense.

Q. In your videos you show people how to increase their AdSense earnings – Can you give us a taster of this advice?

A. Some of the more basic things that you can do to increase
your revenue include using ads that blend in rather than stand
out from your content.  Flat out the worst thing you can do with
an AdSense ad is make it look like the standard Google ad. What
you need to realise is that you will get more clicks if your ad
actually appears part of your site rather than something that’s
just been dropped into the page.

Q. What would you recommend that someone do right now to increase their AdSense earnings?

A. I’ve created a totally free AdSense minicourse that people can go through
to learn some of my techniques. It takes you through the four
cornerstone principles that I’ve used to build up my AdSense empire.

For those of you who see the value in AdSense here’s a free AdSense minicourse. 


Free traffic?

The other day I saw that someone had been putting post-it stickers with the name of their website on bus stop benches and telephone poles. How many ways can you get free web site traffic? Who knows, but here are seven ways to get you started.

1. Online classified advertisements. Search “free advertising” or “free ads”, and you’ll find there are many places that you can advertise for free. Few of them seem to be of any value, but I have been using two that work well. Place a few ads, then check your reports to see if they are bringing in traffic. Start regularly using the ones that deliver.

2. Link exchanges. Link exchanges with other web sites help you get free traffic in two ways: traffic directly from the other site, and traffic from the search engines, because the link helps your ranking with them. Find sites that have a theme similar or related to yours, and send out nice e-mails suggesting an exchange.

3. Post in discussion forums. This can be a great source of traffic for some sites. You just talk about things of interest to you, and get free traffic to your web site (always sign off with a link to your site). If you link to subscription pages for newsletters or e-courses you offer, you’ll get repeat visits from the traffic. Don’t spam, or you’ll be kicked out but true participation makes a relevant link okay in many forums.

4. Search engine submissions. Don’t wait for search engines to find you. Automatically submit to 15 of them at You can also submit manually to Google ( Ultimately, search engines will be some of your primary sources of free traffic.

5. Submit to directories. First do a search for niche directories for the topic of your website. Type in “directory + online games,” or whatever your site is about. Many general directories also accept submissions for free. The value of directories is not direct traffic, however (you won’t get much). The value is in the links, which help your ranking (and therefore traffic) with the search engines.

6. Write and submit testimonials. If you love an e-book or other online product, tell the author, and let her know she can use your testimonial. Of course, mention that you’d appreciate it if she left the link to your site (under your name) active. Good testimonials are valuable, and you’ve probably seen them with a name and link attached.

7. Submit articles. This is one of the best ways to generate free web site traffic. In fact, it’s why I wrote this. An article is valuable because of the “resource box,” or “about the author box” at the bottom, where there is always a link. If I leave you intrigued, and wanting more, you might click through. This is a great way to generate free traffic 

Michael Cheney Talks Traffic – Interview With A Traffic Expert Michael Cheney, one of the most-respected names in Internet marketing, has been online since 1995 and is the man behind the 6-Figure launches of AdSense Videos and 11 Days To List Profits. He has unveiled a new videos product – “Michael’s” Traffic Videos” which covers everything to do with traffic and comes with 100,000 instant ad credits and a tailored Fast-Track To Traffic Action Plan.We managed to grab some time with him recently and quiz him on his favorite topic – traffic.You’ll get a lot out of this interview including a killer 40-page E-book on traffic that Michael has written to help you avoid the Top 20 Traffic Disasters!So let’s get started.

Q. Firstly Michael, thank you for joining us today in your busy schedule.

A. Hey no problem. Good to be here.

Q. We all know that traffic is important but could you just explain a bit about traffic for the beginners out there?

A. Sure. Traffic is the lifeblood of any business online. Without it you just die. We all know that. But what a lot of us don’t realize is that just like everything else on the Internet traffic changes very quickly. That is, the methods of getting traffic are changing all the time and that’s where people get caught out.

Q. What do you mean by “caught out”?

A. Well people fall into the trap of thinking that just because they know one or two traffic generation methods that they are some sort of traffic master. In reality just because you know how to start a pay per click campaign or a little bit about search engines doesn’t make you anywhere near a traffic expert. I’m trying to spread the word that there is a massive array of traffic tactics that most people aren’t even aware of, let alone using or mastering.

Q. Can you give us some examples?

A. Sure. Offline for example. You might immediately think that getting traffic is a purely online activity but the truth of the matter is that there are lots of things you can be doing offline to get people into your website. And it’s usually these sorts of areas that are being under-utilized and therefore there is less competition for that traffic as well.

Q. So by offline you mean advertising offline?

A. Not necessarily. That is one method, yes, but I’m thinking of more creative ways to get people into your website. It all comes down to the fact that having asked people on my list it came as no surprise that most people want to know about free rather than paid traffic sources. I’ve had to become an expert in free ways of getting traffic in my time online.

Q. What do you mean – I thought you were running a successful online business with lots of cash flow?

A. I am. But it’s not always been this way. When I first started out in 1995 I had nothing. No money to play with. Just my own initiative and imagination.

Q. So are you saying you’re against paying for traffic online?

A. No. No I’m not saying that at all. What I’m saying is that, especially when you first start out, you always want to focus on the free methods. You get the traffic in for free, make some sales and then you can reinvest some of that money into paid methods of getting traffic. This speeds up the process.

Q. So what particular offline methods are you referring to – can you give us some examples?

A. There’s one tactic I used that costs nothing to implement, is relatively quick and ended up getting me thousands and thousands of targeted visitors into my websites. When I’ve shared this tactic with other marketers at seminars they’ve started laughing and slapping their foreheads when they saw how easy it was. They were also embarrassed that they had failed to use this tactic. It was quite amusing.

Q. So are you going to tell us what this method is?

A. No! (laughs) It’s in my course! I truly believe in rewarding those people that are most eager to learn so instead of giving away all my traffic tactics in interviews like this I’ve put some of them in an E-Book I’ve written. It is free though if people want to get it.

Q. So how can people get hold of it?

A. It’s called “How To Avoid The Top 20 Traffic Disasters” and you can get it by going to Michael’s” Traffic Videos – you’ll see it mentioned on that page.

Q. What’s in it?

A. Well I really wanted to raise the bar on a free E-Book so I spent a lot of time creating it. It’s 40 pages long and stuffed with juicy content on what NOT to do when it comes to traffic. As far as I’m concerned too many people out there tell you what you should do but not what you shouldn’t do. That’s where this E-Book comes in.

Q. Okay. I think we’re about done is there anything else you want to tell everyone?

A. Just that if they are serious about getting more traffic into their website they need to goto Michael’s” Traffic Videos and get that free E-Book.

Q. Cool. Well thanks for your time Michael and speak to you soon.

A. My pleasure. Speak soon.